Under the eyes

Have you tried everything, but still suffer complex removal of dark circles below eyes?

1.Sleeping in back

Sideways or belly sleeping affects you at night to meet the eyes down juice, which causes dark circles under your eyes or inflated air sacs. try to sleep on your back and keep your head above the pads.

2.Cold milk

Wet napkin with cold milk and place it in the eye.lactose acid that is found in milk-containing buffer and feeds your skin.Milk contains protein and antioxidants that strengthen and repair our skin

3.Green tea

Teabag keep green for a few minutes on the eye, this thing helps in the relaxation of the eyes because you found in tea caffeine constricts blood vessels and reduces redness.

4.Drink a lot water

This undoubtedly is the easy trick to remove rrather dark eyes .uje below helps to remove toxins from the body and reduces the amount of salt that accumulates in the eyes.

5.Clean makeup from your face

Although it may seem like a banal advice, make sure to remove and clean the face makeup. good use of cosmetic preparations to do that.