5 reasons to include honey in beauty routine.

1-Effects that reduce inflammation

If you have a slight irritation or burns, honey enters the game with its antibacterial properties. According to clinical studies, it also helps to minimize the teeth. Softens and moisturizes the skin, creating ideal conditions for healing wounds.

2-Properties in nutrition hair

Honey naturally, as moisturizers also contain amino acids, but diluted with water or aloe to be efficient in a shampoo or conditioner. It strengthens hair and moisturizing effect.

3-Anti-aging benefits

Honey is a brilliant moisturizing, which means that air pulls moisture to keep moist and smooth your skin. Among other things, thanks to the properties of alpha hydroxy and his base of sugar, which functions as a Exfoliating removes cells and dead dried for uniform skin tone. There are properties clean, adjust, shine, soften and restructure the skin with a single blow.

4-Force to eliminate dark eye circles

Honey moisturizes the skin and has the power to minimize the appearance of dark eye circles. Apply pure honey on the skin, let stand a few minutes and rinse.

5-Qualities antiacne

This power of honey is effective in eradicating Rashes on the face. After applying honey to wash your face in the area and checked. Leave for 15-30 minutes and then rinse. In this way, the honey will have the chance to fight any kind of swelling or redness.