These components improve your beauty.

For this Reason, the facial skin more dry and wrinkles Becomes Announced. Containing moisturizing hyaluronic acid creams, moisturizing, filling wrinkles and Women Can use with all types of skin says Dr. Tanzi and advises to Apply the cream in the face after washing morning and Before bedtime

Dermatologists have long believed SPF creams That Cause wrinkles, pimples and shining face. Howevera, recent studies show That creams with protective factor slowing skin aging. Apply the cream half an hour Before you go out in the sun and again, Apply to the face and body Every hour.


Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA)

Different Moisturising these powerful, clean dead skin cells and damage over the years. The cleaners also drastically enables a new look.

One study showed that users of lotion that contains 25 percent of the citrus acid or any acid (AHA), more likely to have a quarter of the natural facial appearance and elastic.


Peptide “cheat” skin and under their influence it produces more collagen. It is best that creams containing such compounds, to be used at night.

Sun, wind, smoke and other negative effects of the external environment affect the human body and it is certainly evident on the skin. To avoid the bad effects of free radicals, use antioxidants.

“I used a serum antioxidants during the day due to air pollution. It is best to apply early in the morning, before the sun appears, “advises Dr. Tanzi.