Here reasons why cinnamon is beneficial for women.

Thanks to a study conducted at Columbia University in New York, researchers concluded that cinnamon is the key component in creating a natural medicine to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome for a long period of time…

According to estimates, about 51 percent of women worldwide suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome.

In the US this number is estimated at 5 million. The signs of this syndrome have irregular menstrual cycle, infertility, acne, hair growth and thickening of facial etc.

According to this study, researchers considered a natural element cane as effective in the treatment of this syndrome.

Cinnamon has a positive effect on the whole body and improves the body’s ability to process glucose and insulin.

In China, Japan and certain Far East countries women who can not conceive of taking a spoonful of cinnamon with honey every morning to handle their problem and this has finally resulted in much success. Cinnamon is very good and in the treatment of pain resulting from the menstrual cycle.