Prevent tooth decay with this ingredient.

Oral health section in the markets is filled with various products, which promise protection and cleaning their teeth…

However, most people continue to use the products, which they have used for years. But even after cleaning with products of “good”, teeth continue to deteriorate.

You should know that there is a component that is simply more effective when it comes to oral health, and that ingredient is soda bread.

Baking soda does not contain chemical ingredients which are found in various pastries. Soda is also natural and free.

It is very beneficial for the teeth because that is very effective against bacteria, tartar and tooth decay.

Water Wet your toothbrush and immerse it in baking soda to create a natural tooth paste.

Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth afterwards. To increase effectiveness and to make your mouth feel clean and fresh, add a little cinnamon or peppermint oil. Your teeth will be white and spotless as to wash with soap.